PRICT No. 296

Species name Gorilla gorilla Common name Western Gorilla
Institution Higashiyama Zoo Subject ID/Name Oki (GAIN 5)
Provider/Breeding facility SynonymousID/Name.
Body Weight 112.8 Kg Developmental stage(Age) adult (54Y)
Sex F Subject Condition fresh cadaver
Scanning institution Primate Research Institute, Kyoto University
FOV 320.00 (mm) Resolution 0.625 (mm) X 0.625 (mm)
Slice Thickness 0.5 (mm) Slice interval 0.3 (mm)
Kernel FC30 slice(File size) 768 ( 230.3 MB)
Region HEAD/
Citations Cícero Moraes et al.(2014) Faces of Evolution - validating the methodology for facial reconstruction of hominids.
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